Customer Spotlight: Eberle Eyecare Patients Appreciate optomap® Technology
Source: Optos

Source: Optos

Optos really appreciates the positive feedback we receive from our clients. Our customers are successful using our ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology and we love sharing their successes.  This customer spotlight will focus on Eberle Eyecare, a private practice in Anchorage, Alaska.


When Dr. Eberle attended the Pacific University College of Optometry, she had used optomap technology and looked forward to offering it to her patients when she opened her practice in 2010. Later, when Dr. Eberle attended the Vision Source Exchange meeting in 2013, she used that opportunity to purchase a Daytona for the benefit of her patients.


Since we had added to the modalities since she had last used optomap, Dr. Eberle took advantage of her membership with Vision Source and traveled to Scotland to learn all the nuances of using Daytona’s autofluorescence (AF) capabilities. Dr. Eberle found the training valuable and remarked, “With AF, I have the ability to isolate the cell where changes start in the disease processes,” Dr. Eberle says. “When we can pick it up earlier, the outcome is much better for the patients.”


Having purchased the Daytona for image clarity, clinical decision-making and as an aid in patient education, Dr. Eberle said she noticed the benefits almost immediately. She felt having a detailed image of the patients’ eyes not only helped her detect pathologies sooner than conventional equipment, it helped her explain to her patients what was happening in their retina.


Optos takes pride in Dr. Eberle’s testimony and that she feels Daytona will benefit her practice and her patients for years to come. We constantly strive to deliver the devices and tools that will provide eyecare professionals with the benefits of early detection and treatment for your patients, and maximize the investment you have made in your practice.


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