Be on the Lookout for V2 Vantage Pro v 2.9

As innovators in ultra-widefield retinal display imaging, Optos is constantly working on improving our technology and software to provide you with the best possible tools for examining and treating eye disease – including software.  We are pleased to announce that the latest version of our image viewing software, V2 Vantage Pro, is now available.


retinal image

Source: optomap


The latest version of this feature-rich, image viewing software and patient education tool includes new advancements to benefit practices and patients.  The imaging technology from Optos operates at the limits of ‘conventional’ optics and is the only imaging technology that can capture ultra-widefield images of 200° or 82% of the retina. The technology continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with optomap images by introducing ProView™.


ProView Benefits

  • **Normalizes the inherent bias which occurs when curved surfaces are shown in a flat plane
  • **Enables historical and multi-modality comparison overlay
  • **Enhances 3D Wrap™


With advanced capabilities built into the Vantage 2.9, you will have the unique opportunity to register and compare multiple images of various modalities from optomap exams. And, overlay capabilities allow for analysis at follow-up exams to further enhance early detection objectives.


The 3D Wrap is a three-dimensional graphical model of an eye that incorporates the optomap image from your patient. This functionality provides the ability to show patients where their retina is located, what it looks like, and discuss any issues that may be present.


To find out more about this new release, contact our customer service department with any questions.


Image Source: optomap