Points to Consider When Purchasing New Technology for Your Practice

Advanced technologies have become so mainstream that in order to distinguish your practice and meet your patients’ expectations, adopting a strategy to incorporate it sooner rather than later, is highly advisable. In order to do so successfully, Optometric Management advises considering what your patients expect, what to invest in and how to cover the expense of the additions.


Before deciding what to purchase, first take an inventory of your current technologies used in your practice. Keeping in mind the security and privacy requirements of HIPAA, determine what will remain useful for the foreseeable future and what is likely to become obsolete in a relatively short period of time. As you’re evaluating your current technologies, determine what will enhance the practice you ultimately wish to have and make notes of what equipment will best serve your needs.


As with any large purchase, you’ll likely have items you want and items that are necessary for your practice’s development. Be sure to document your ideas and include them in the appropriate categories. As an example, if you experience a dramatic increase in diabetic patients at your practice, you’ll likely see a greater need for retinal imaging devices. Although you may wish to have upgraded exam chairs, an imaging device will contribute more significantly to meeting patient needs and increasing your bottom line.


Once you’ve determined what your practice requires, financing conditions should be carefully evaluated, and you should gain a better understanding of the training and support provided with the purchase of the technology. You should also have an implementation plan in place to maximize your return on investment.

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