Dealing with Difficult Patients
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How do you deal with difficult patients?
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Developing a good rapport with your patients is tantamount to a successful practice. However, despite your best intentions, there are always some patients that are difficult to deal with. Whatever they are upset about, there are some ways to minimize their impact on your practice while providing the service they need.


There are some common factors that can help mitigate a patient’s reactions when they’re being served by your practice. As outlined by Review of Optometry, these include being proactive and explaining fees, difficult treatment procedures and possible outcomes to help your patients feel in control of their situation. This can stave off shock-like reactions. You should also develop a mission statement for your practice and a set policy so there’s no mistake about how you choose to operate. Make sure your staff is well-trained and understands how to enforce these policies.


While these tips can certainly help define your practice and let patients know what to expect, there will still be patients that require some additional attention.