Summer Eye Health Part II: Basic Advice for the Patient Heading Outdoors

As more research studies are conducted and results are collated, further proof is showing that harmful UV rays from the sun not only damage delicate eye tissues, but can also contribute to early onset of age-related eye disease. As you learn more about the damage that can be caused, it becomes even more vital that you inform your patients of the importance of protecting their eyes when heading outdoors.


With the understanding that the most harmful of the ultra-violet rays from the sun are UVA and UVB, let your patients know that most sunglasses will protect against UVB, but that if they don’t specify UVA protection, they likely don’t. Investing a few more dollars in a pair that wrap around glasses, which sit closer to the eyes, can provide your patients with several extra years of clear vision.


Your patients may not realize the importance of sunglasses for their children. You will often see parents don their sunglasses when they head outdoors without considering their children’s eye health. Protecting your children’s eyes early will help ensure they don’t develop eye diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration earlier in their adulthood. Since children participate in so many activities in the summer, remind parents of the importance of protecting their eyes against injury as well. Proper safety equipment can help children avoid injury, which can lead to blindness.


Summer heat also brings with it a need for patients to cool down. It may be helpful to inform your patients about the potential harm chlorinated pools can cause to eye health. Make them aware that an insufficiently-chlorinated pool may harbor bacteria that can cause eye infection, while an over-chlorinated pool may cause irritation.


Follow up your sessions with a reminder that regular eye exams are important for proper vision care. Using optomap retinal exams can help you detect UV damage earlier and begin treatment for your patients. Contact Optos to speak to a consultant today.


Image Source: freedigitalphotos