Wellingborough Optician Notices Hole in Son’s Retina During optomap Demonstration

While performing what was expected to be a demonstrative optomap eye exam, a Wellingborough optician noticed an unusual hole in his son’s retina. Dr. Bob Halsey, owner of Halsey Opticians, credits optomap with showing him the “suspicious hole” in his son’s retina.


Upon the discovery, Dr. Halsey sent his son, Alex, to Northhampton General Hospital. There, a specialist used the optomap images to pinpoint the location of the hole. Afterwards, Alex was sent to surgery to repair it. Dr. Halsey says without having such technology in his practice, the discovery and diagnosis of the hole in Alex’s retina wouldn’t have been possible, which could have led to further issues.


“A conventional eye test wouldn’t have spotted the hole, as it was in the periphery of the retina, which can’t be seen without a more in-depth examination,” Dr. Halsey shared. “We’re hopeful that the surgery has been successful and will continue to monitor Alex’s eye health with our optomap.”


Following this experience, all patients at Halsey Opticians are now offered an optomap as a part of the practice’s advanced eye testing.


Thousands of practitioners around the world have made sight-saving discoveries thanks to optomap, with over 40 million patients having received optomap exams. Our technology provides an ultra-wide, 82 percent view of the retina, allowing you to see more and providing the ability to detect systemic diseases in addition to issues like retinal holes and tears. Furthermore, images are available for review immediately, so you can show your patients exactly what you’re seeing.

UWF retinal imaging

This optomap image shows a horseshoe tear.

If you’re interested in learning more about optomap and the benefits of adding this technology to your practice, contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation. Our optomap representatives are ready to answer your questions!