UK Celebrates National Eye Health Week
eye health in the UK

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Today marks the beginning of the fourth annual National Eye Health Week (NEHW) in the UK. As Vision Matters shares, there are 1.8 million people in the UK dealing with vision loss, yet in over half of these instances, a vision test and new glasses could have helped tremendously. With that in mind, eye care charities and organizations, as well as health care professionals all across the UK formed NEHW as a way to spread the word about the importance of eye health and routine vision exams.


Optos encourages all of our UK practitioners to take NEHW as another opportunity to remind patients of the importance of routine eye exams as a part of keeping their eyes and vision healthy in order to prevent eye disease and unnecessary vision loss. It’s also an opportunity to remind patients of the range of issues – from glaucoma to diabetes – that these exams can detect. Consider some of these suggestions offered up by Vision Matters on how practitioners can participate in this important eye health awareness week:


– Display NEHW leaflets and posters in your practice, including those that encourage positive eye health messages.
– Ask patients coming in for a vision test how their family is doing and if their family members have been in for an exam recently.
– Create a “My Vision Matters” video booth, inviting patients to record a short statement sharing why their vision matters.


Also, consider directing patients to the consumer materials on the Vision Matters website. The site offers an abundance of beneficial resources including an eye health questionnaire, information on eye exams, and information on how to look after your eyes with diet, exercise, and more.


How are you planning to participate in NEWH? Leave a comment below to share how you’ll take part in promoting eye health and routine eye exams in the UK. We look forward to hearing what you are doing to help eradicate unnecessary vision loss!