Is Your Practice Special?

There are tens of thousands of eyecare practitioners out there. But as Barry Farkas, OD, FAAO in New York City recently reminded us in an interview with Optometric Minute, just because they are talented and smart doctors doesn’t necessarily mean they have a notably successful practice. In fact, he suggests many practices are stagnant, and therefore, suffer because they lack a key ingredient for success – a “quality of specialness.”


Dr. Farkas shares that a successful practice exudes this specialness to its patients, meaning that they are able to sense something different about the practice when they walk in the door. This quality of specialness makes patients feel comfortable and confident that they are receiving exceptional quality of care and service. Practices that go out of their way to offer something special provide patients with added benefits that not only enhance the experience but contribute to their continued or improved health.


Dr. Farkas also shares that a part of creating a quality of specialness is finding the right people to complete the practice’s staff. All staff members should have a patient-centered attitude, becoming an extension of the doctor in providing quality care and service. And Dr. Farkas also adds that staff members should follow the Golden Rule of treating others with the respect that they expect to receive. He notes that while it can be a challenge, and sometimes lengthy process, finding the right staff can truly make a difference in a patient’s perception of the practice.

how to make your practice special and stand out

Does your practice have that “quality of specialness” to set it apart from the rest of the optometry or ophthalmology practices in your area? If so, what have you done to create that sense of specialness for patients? Leave a comment to share with us!