How Color Can Impact a Medical Office

In the past we’ve discussed some of the psychological effects color can have on a person, but when it comes to choosing the colors to use within the office of your medical practice, color psychology is not the only thing you want to take into consideration. You must also think about how the color will make a certain room look and feel when making your selections.


As a great article on color psychology and interior design that we recently came across notes, the wrong color can make an exam room unappealing to a patient. For instance, while white presents a crisp, clean look, some patients see it as sterile and uninviting. Reds and oranges are also sometimes seen as unappealing simply because they are so bold and assertive. And if an exam room doesn’t appeal to a patient aesthetically, they might not feel as comfortable and are less likely to have a pleasant visit.


These design experts also discuss the importance of selecting the right color combinations for exam rooms, calling it a “quintessential part” of the design process. For example, a room filled with lighter colors can make the room appear larger because the colors usually “fade from the eyes,” which can help put an anxious patient’s mind at ease. On the other hand, darker colors do the opposite and can make the room seem to shrink. Designers advise using varied hues of the same color across different walls for the most positive effect.


No matter what colors you choose for your practice’s exam rooms, you can continue the color scheme with your medical equipment, too. Optos has made it easy for practitioners to create an aesthetically pleasing, cohesive look with our Daytona ultra-widefield retinal imaging device. It’s available in eight color combinations, including four with a neutral color base and cheerful accent colors. Find the right one for your practice today by visiting our website or by requesting a consultation for more information.


daytona ultra-widefield retinal imaging device


How did you go about choosing the colors for your practice and exam rooms? Did you carefully consider the impact a certain color will have on the room or the patient before you made a final decision? Leave a comment to share with us!