Encourage Patients to Take Eye Health Seriously During Healthy Vision Month

healthy vision month

Helping practitioners keep their patients’ eyes healthy is what we’re all about here at Healthy Vision Month is only officially observed in May, every month is healthy vision month for us! However, we’d like to encourage all practitioners to get involved with Healthy Vision Month this year, especially because this year marks the 10th anniversary of this opportunity to encourage everyone to take action to protect sight, prevent vision loss, and maintain vision for years to come.


As the National Institutes of Health (NIH) shares, lots of people are living with undetected vision issues, diseases of the eye, and other problems that can be detected through an eye exam. Healthy Vision Month was created to help promote viewing vision as a health priority. A few ways the Healthy Vision Month website suggests you can accomplish this includes:


  • Placing eye-health posters throughout your practice
  • Setting aside your own Healthy Vision Day or Week and issue a statement about it, encouraging everyone to schedule an eye exam each year and to encourage habits that will promote eye health
  • Distribute eye-health brochures or pamphlets at any events where your practice is represented
  • Encourage the use of protective eyewear on the job, as well as when playing sports or working on home projects – these sorts of injuries are too often a source of eye damage or vision loss

As you are encouraging your patients to be proactive about their eye health this month, consider how you can improve the comprehensive eye exams you offer. For example, you can add more advanced technology like one of Optos’ ultra-widefield imaging devices to your practice. Our technology provides a wider view of the retina, allowing you to see more and giving you a better chance at detecting early signs of eye and systemic issues and disease that might present in the periphery of your patients’ retina. Visit our website for more information.


Practitioners, how are you taking part in Healthy Vision Month? Leave a comment below to share with us!


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