Tips for Getting & Keeping Staff Engaged

Do you ever feel as though your staff is less inspired about their work or somewhat detached from the practice? If so, you’re not alone. As Ophthalmology Management recently reported, a study conducted by Towers Watson revealed that 65 percent of the global workforce feels “unsupported, detached or disengaged.”


Staff engagement is an extremely important aspect of any medical practice. In response to Watson’s findings, Dana Jacoby, senior consultant with BSM Consulting, says that practitioners who don’t make time for getting staff members more involved and engaged could be making a huge mistake. Employee engagement, or lack thereof, can significantly affect staff retention rates, employee satisfaction and productivity.


So how can you get your staff engaged and keep them engaged? Jacoby offers four strategies for creating an effective staff engagement plan.

  1. Base your plan on a common vision that “reflects a unified purpose and joint values.” Most practices do this in the form of a mission statement.
  2. Provide employees with an environment that fosters teamwork while making sure employees find purpose and satisfaction.
  3. Recognize your staff regularly for their contributions to the success of the practice or simply to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication to the success of the practice.
  4. Facilitate the personal and professional growth of employees with individual plans that you work on with them one-on-one. As Jacoby notes, “A strong leader has a plan for each employee and creates opportunities to let [him or] her know the practice genuinely cares about [his or] her future development.”


Additionally, we at Optos feel that offering the latest technology is another motivating factor for existing staff members. Not to mention, it can even help to attract well new, highly skilled employees. Optos’ state-of-the-art optomap devices offer the following benefits to employees and patients:

  • Patient-friendly, fast to operate, and suitable for the majority of patients
  • Easy to use, imaging can be delegated
  • Can create an additional source income for your practice
  • Enhances the patient experience
  • Creates opportunities for better patient education with innovative features like the 3D Wrap® tool
  • Increases patient loyalty

ultra-widefield retinal imaging

Contact us to learn more about our optomap technology and how you can incorporate it into your practice.


What strategies do you incorporate into your practice to get and keep employees engaged? Share with us in a comment below.