Investing in High-Tech Instruments to Grow Your Practice

Since launching our blog, we’ve shared several strategies for investing in the growth of your optometry or ophthalmology practice, such as purchasing the latest, most cutting edge instruments.


In the video, Richard Baker, OD, of Lamorinda Optometry in Lafayette, California provides insight into what practitioners should take into consideration when selecting instruments for their practices. He says that practitioners should “first, study the data to ensure that a new piece of equipment is effective,” stressing that It’s important to understand the clinical value it will bring to your practice before you buy.


Dr. Baker shares the example of when his practice purchased a scanning laser ophthalmoscope (SLO). After thoroughly reviewing the data, they were confident that the machine would in fact present “a new and novel way” to quickly evaluate the retina. They later learned it was just as effective as a fundus camera for monitoring diabetic retinal changes, making it a perfect fit for his practice.


The next step Dr. Baker advises is determining how a new piece of equipment will be incorporated into the practice. Dr. Baker’s practice had staff members educate patients about the expanded services and value of the SLO, including the modest fee and quickness and convenience of the exams.


Dr. Baker also shared his experience recently purchasing an OCT device. With this device, his practice immediately incorporated its use and trained staff members in order to provide patients with “the highest standard of care,” making sure to emphasize to patients how such instruments benefit their eye health.

ultra-widefield retinal imaging

Dr. Baker says new instruments are practice differentiators and can lend a hand in increasing enthusiasm among patients. We couldn’t agree more. Optos offers a range of innovative retinal imaging and diagnostic instruments that will set your practice apart from the rest and help your patients better understand the health of their eyes and vision by providing a quick and painless exam. request a consultation for more information.