Electronic Health Records and Your Practice’s Workflow

We’ve previously shared that electronic health records can help improve the relationship you have with your patients, as well as the patient’s overall experience. In addition to the benefits electronic health records can provide in doctor-patient relationships, they can also help improve the workflow in your practice.


While transitioning to electronic health records, or EHRs, isn’t the easiest process to go through, Ophthalmology Business shares that carefully considering your practice’s workflow as you’re choosing and integrating an EHR system into your practice is a must. The article says that in order to avoid common issues that come along with EHR systems, such as turning your back to a patient while reviewing the records or entering new information, a practice should consider set up and staffing, among other points, to help improve the workflow when an EHR is implemented.


Set Up – The way your practice is set up can certainly affect your practice’s workflow. Ophthalmology Business suggests first looking at the exam lane to see what improvements should be made. Remove any items that shouldn’t be there and add what should be included to improve workflow, such as computers that will be easily accessible for inputting notes from exams.


Staffing – Will the doctor enter data into the EHR, or will it be another staff member? Some practices may have a scribe or data entry clerk who can enter data, so doctors can spend more time talking to their patients, as well as allowing for more patients to be seen in a day.


Harry Colas, a director with an EHR software company, shared with Ophthalmology Management that another factor affecting workflow when EHRs are used is interconnected technologies. He says it’s “critical” for devices to be connected, so that any diagnostic data collected in an exam is available “in near real-time.” This way, doctors have it when patients are in the exam lane.


How are you using EHRs in your practice? What tips can you share with others that have helped enhance workflow with an EHR system?

 optomap® and electronic health records

Adding an optomap® to your practice can help enhance workflow in practices using EHRs. Images captured are stored electronically and readily available for review in current and future exams. Visit our website to learn more about how providing an optomap® for your patients can benefit your practice.