Combined UWF OCT Provides Better Patient Experience and Practice Efficiency

Posted on mercredi 20 septembre 2023

The optomap image provides them the assurance they want that the retinal looks healthy. In fact, they almost immediately saw the value of doing optomap images on everyone. “In the first week we had the California, we saw at least two patients with retinal holes way out in the periphery, and we had a 15-year-old asymptomatic patient with a retinal tear,” he says. Because of the ultra-widefield single-capture image that optomap provides, these findings were easily detectable on the image but might have been harder to spot with dilation alone.


Optos 3D Wrap™ for Patient Education

Posted on jeudi 3 août 2023

3D Wrap allows practitioners to give patients a virtual tour of their eye, showing them where the retina is located and providing the opportunity to explain other parts of the eye. This is done by creating an animated 3D Wrap sequence of an optomap image, displayed as a 3-dimensional graphic model of their eye.


Back to school time? Add that comprehensive eye exam including optomap to the list

Posted on mercredi 26 juillet 2023

The summer itself has flown by and it's that time of year again where back-to-school lists become a priority. As adults run around stores trying to make sure the children have everything they need to be successful throughout the school year, it is important to remember to schedule that all-important eye exam - and with August being Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month what better time to put it on the list!


Utilizing Autofluorescence in your Clinical Eyecare Setting

Posted on vendredi 30 juin 2023

Utilizing Autofluorescence in a Clinical Eyecare Setting


Cataract Awareness and the Value of UWF in Retinal Evaluations

Posted on mardi 20 juin 2023

For the month of June, Optos joins Prevent Blindness America in observing Cataract Awareness Month to further the education surrounding cataracts, what you should know, as well as the value of ultra-widefield (UWFTM) imaging for practitioners as a complement to standard approaches for a comprehensive evaluation of retinal health prior to, and following cataract surgery.

Presently, cataracts are the world’s leading cause of vision loss, accounting for approximately 42 percent of all cases. In the United States, more than 25 million Americans are estimated to have cataracts, according to the report: “Future of Vision: Forecasting the Prevalence and Costs of Vision Problems”. As the population in America continues to age, the number of cataract cases are projected to increase by 50 percent to 38.5 million, by 2032.


optomap Facilitates Early Disease Detection and Improves Outcomes

Posted on lundi 8 mai 2023

Healthy Vision Month serves as a reminder to prioritize our eye health. Regular eye exams, including optomap imaging, can facilitate early detection of eye conditions and maintain healthy retinal function. To schedule an optomap exam, speak to your eye care professional today


OptosAdvance Top End-User Questions Answered!

Posted on lundi 24 avril 2023

Are you an OptosAdvance user looking for some quick tips to help train new associates and technicians? Or just need a refresher? The top five issues below represent what our customer excellence teams answer most frequently. Scroll to the bottom to download the full PDF. 


optomap Improves Patient Experience

Posted on dimanche 23 avril 2023

Patient Experience Week is an annual event that is observed in healthcare institutions across the globe. This week offers an opportunity for healthcare providers to focus on the patient's experience of care, including the quality of care, the level of engagement between patients and staff, patient safety, and patient satisfaction. During this week, eye care providers can benefit from highlighting the use of technology such as optomap ultra-widefield retinal imaging in patient experience.


Shining Light on Women's Eye Health

Posted on lundi 10 avril 2023

Women's Eye Health and Safety Month is celebrated annually in April to raise awareness about a wide range of eye diseases, especially ones that affect women specifically. This annual campaign seeks to educate women about the importance of regular eye exams and appropriate protective measures to maintain healthy eyesight.