Enhanced Practice Flow with optomap®

Posted on Dec 22, 2022 by

Optos UWF retinal imaging technology was created to help doctors save sight. More than 20,000 Optos devices are in use worldwide and millions of patients have benefited from optomap® UWF imaging. A core value of optomap technology and an important pillar on which it stands is the ability to enhance practice and exam flow. optomap UWF technology produces a high-resolution, 200° image in less than ½ second. A proven technology to reduce patient visit time and improve practice flow and practice economics.


The Pillars of optomap Imaging

Posted on Dec 12, 2022 by

Optos ultra-widefield (UWF™) retinal imaging enables healthcare professionals to discover, diagnose, document, and treat ocular pathology that may first present in the periphery - pathology which may go undetected using traditional examination techniques and equipment. Over the next few weeks, we will take a deeper dive into the value of optomap® technology and the pillars on which it stands; enhance practice flow, improve outcomes, protect vision, and image safely.