Get Back to Business – Move Your Practice Forward in the COVID-19 era

Ian Jarvis, OD-UK, Faye McDearmid,OD-UK & Brian Tompkins, OD-UK

Moderator: Sharon Ormonde, Optos

The three panellists join us for a 60-minute webinar discussion outlining strategies for independent optometry practice management, adjustment, and recovery in the COVID-19 era.

September 2020

Grow Revenue in Your Practice with optomap

Michael Wicks, OD - AU

After utilising optomap for over two years, Michael Wicks at Wicks Eyecare shares his expertise on patient screening, education and the 'WOW' factor it provides his practice.

August 2020

Ultra-widefield Retinal Imaging for Beginners

Kirit Patel, OD - UK
CET Accredited Video

This lecture will discuss the benefits of looking beyond the posterior pole and will examine why optometrists should screen and document the retinal periphery. Typical abnormalities affecting the retinal periphery will be discussed.

July 2020

Technology for Improving Patient Outcomes

Faye McDearmid, OD - UK
CET Accredited Video

Technology in the optical industry is constantly developing. In particular, OCT and ultra-widefield (UWF) are becoming vital tools to help identify retinal pathology. In this webinar, Optometrist Faye McDearmid will discuss why she chose to invest in UWF technology for her practice.

July 2020

Getting Started with High-tech Virtual Visits

SK Steven Houston III, MD

Steven Houston III, MD presents novel telemedicine workflows to enhance patient and staff safety and practice efficiency during and after the COVID-19 crisis. New workflows include the use of hybrid telemedicine visits which combine in-office work-ups including OCT and ultra-widefield imaging with virtual consultations.

June 2020

A step by step guide to reviewing and interpreting pathology & diseases

Simon Browning - UK
CET Accredited Video

When taking on new clinical diagnostic equipment it can be quite bewildering to view the eye in different ways. In this webinar, Simon Browning provides a step by step guide to reviewing and interpreting pathology found on ultra-widefield retinal images. 

May 2020

Getting Started with Telehealth for Eye Visits

Rishi Singh, MD

This webinar covers recent changes by CMS to allow for virtual visits, documentation, and billing. We will also discuss current and future technologies that can help accomplish these distance appointments.

April 2020

Implementing a Combined UWF & OCT System

William To, OD

The evolution of imaging technology is helping doctors find retinal pathology earlier and manage disease more effectively. Patients rely on practitioners provide the best possible care. This webinar will help doctors determine if a combination system with OCT and UWF imaging is right for their practice. Topics include clinical utility of combination technology, billing with a combination device, and ROI.

April 2020

A Wider View of Enhanced Eye Exams

Morven Campbell, OD - UK
CET Accredited Video

This recorded webinar looks at the legal requirements of providing enhanced eye examinations and through a presentation of 4 case histories will examine the benefits for the patient and practitioner.

July 2020

OCT Case Review

Michael Sinai, Ph.D.
Q&A From Live Webinar

This case-based course will cover the pathologies routinely seen in optometric practices including DR, DME, AMD, as well as some cases highlighting less common pathologies.

March 2020