V2 Vantage Dx software

V2 Vantage Dx

V2 Vantage Dx software is the latest upgrade to Optos' "evergreen" technology platform which includes constantly evolving advancements to the optomap Retinal Exam, optomap plus Medical Retinal Exam and optomap fa Angiography Procedures to benefit you and your patients.

Exact Disc™ nerve ehancement

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Normal image

Exact Disc Image

Normal image
Exact Disc™ image

This feature ensures that the optic disc appears in its natural shape and free of distortion.  It can be applied to both new and old images.  It provides a direct comparison between Exact Disc™ view and traditional views of the nerve (BIO, Direct, etc).

ResMax™ found in optomap plus

High Resolution Enhancement for the Central Pole

ResMax™ found in optomap plus

ResMax™ will scan the central pole of the retina instead of the normal ultra-widefield scan.  It applies the pixels in a smaller area, resulting in a 10-15% increase in resolution.

3D Wrap™

Patient Orientation Tool
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3D Wrap - IOL Correction

3D Wrap - Refractive Error

IOL Correction
Refractive Error

Review will display a 3-dimentional graphical model of an eye, including the projection of the patient's optomap image on its interior surface for use as a patient education tool. Additional features include the patient's simulated iris color representation from capture settings, refractive error range from -10D to +5D, ray types for close and distant objects, and IOL selections that include monofocal and multifocal lenses.