Microperimetry Device

A must-have diagnostic tool.
Included in one cost-effective OCT SLO system.

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Microperimetry assesses the visual function of a specific area of the retina and fovea, and correlates to the OCT structural changes. It provides a quantifiable way to measure the regression or progression of retinal visual function in the examined eye. With today's pharmacological treatment options, it is must-have tool. Only the Optos OCT SLO includes Microperimetry and OCT in one device, significantly improves the productivity and enhances diagnosis of retinal diseases and glaucoma.

Combine Retina Function and Structure

Microperimetry Example 1Microperimetry monitors retinal visual function against retinal thickness or structure and the condition of the patient's fixation over time.The SLO "Lock and Track" provides assurance of true image precision and alignment during the projection of the stimuli into the specific location on the retina. The "Auto – Compare" software allows the user to automatically compare multiple microperimetry exams to analyze progression or regression of visual function.

  • Microperimetry provides a retinal visual function map on a selected, localized fundus location with preset or customized scan patterns.
  • OCT retinal topography map provides retinal structure details, thickness, and a volume map at the same location on the retina.
  • The SLO fundus image used in Microperimetry and OCT topographic map to ensures the alignment of the Microperimetry with the 3D topography to analyze the relationship between changes in retinal structure and function in specific locations on the retina.
  • SLO retina tracking allows automatic "Re-test", which ensures objective longitudinal Microperimetry/OCT comparison, subtraction, and visual function "progressions/regression analysis" for monitoring changes over time


Greater Reliability through SLO tracking

With the Optos OCT SLO, there is a dramatic increase in test reliability, repeatability, and reproducibility. During OCT and Microperimetry testing, the SLO "Lock and Track" function compensates automatically for involuntary eye movements during the examination.