Case & Clinical Data

These patient case studies and clinical data illustrate the capabilities of our unique ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology platforms.

Featured case studies:

  • BRVO Case Study

    BRVO case study

    84 year old female, with a history of cardiac symptoms and greater than 10 years hypertension.

    Widefield images show extent of capillary dropout in the BRVO bed, macular edema is also present in the late phase images, this wide view allows for more accurate treatment and follow-up.

    Case courtesy of Roger Novack, MD - Retina Vitreous Associates LA

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  • Cystoid Macular Edema

    Cystoid macular edema

    74 year old female with Cystoid Macular Edema OS.

    Resmax image gives a detailed view of the macular pathology.

    Case courtesy of Peter Wilson, MD - Ninewells Hospital Dundee, Scotland

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  • Macular Edema with Scleral Buckle

    Macular edema with scleral buckle

    Patient presented with a decrease in visual acuity OD, with a prior scleral buckle.

    Images show a clear view of the retina and any vascular changes despite the presence of a scleral buckle, a diagnosis of macular edema was determined.

    Case courtesy of Steven Schwartz, MD – Jules Stein Eye Institute

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Other case & clinical studies:

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Clinical data:


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