Diagnostic instruments

Optos now distributes three Accutome products.

The products are the AccuPen® handheld tonometer and the PachPen® handheld pachymeter, both used in primary eye care in glaucoma management, and the ultrasound B-Scan Plus® used in the management of ocular lesions and tumors.

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B-Scan Plus®

Accutome PachPen®

Accutome AccuPen®

Accutome B-Scan Plus®

The PachPen® used to measure corneal thickness combines accuracy and portability.  The handheld device has contoured molding designed to fit comfortably in either hand.  The digital signal analysis and highly visible LCD readout simplifies the measurement process.

AccuPen® handheld applanation tonometer combines accuracy and portability making intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements easier than ever.  Improved software features and ergonomic design lead to better visualization of the cornea and faster measurements.

The B-scan Plus® diagnostic ultrasound is the best tool for evaluation of the eye and its orbit when direct visualization of intraocular anatomy is difficult or impossible.  Unique probe electronics combined with proprietary software make this device the only portable High Definition B-Scan in the market.

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