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01 Oct 2008 Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging: How It Will Change Your Practice
12 Aug 2008 Optos Encourages Parents to Get Back to School Eye Exams for Their Children - Over 1,000 eye care practices participating in nationwide effort
07 Aug 2008 Optos Provides Use of optomap® Retinal Exam for the Illinois State Fair
31 Jul 2008 Interim Management Statement
26 Jun 2008 Optos to Participate in Optometry’s Meeting™
23 May 2008 Analyst And Investor Information Update
21 May 2008 Interim Results For Six Month Period Ended 31 March 2008
13 May 2008 Optos Software Upgrade Enhances Customer Clinical Capability
07 May 2008 Optos Named European Inventor Of The Year 2008
02 May 2008 Optos P200MA Contributes To Major Diabetic Research Study
01 May 2008 Optos Device Supports Scientists In Gene Therapy Research
20 Mar 2008 Optos Announces Full Release of P200MA Device
06 Mar 2008 Optos Supports AOA’s National Save Your Vision Month
22 Feb 2008 Optos Provides optomap® Retinal Exam for Special Olympics Athletes During Opening Eyes® Event
11 Feb 2008 Optos Announces North American Headquarters Relocation
31 Jan 2008 Optos Partner Publishes Panoramic Ophthalmoscopy: Optomap® Images and Interpretation
22 Jan 2008 Optos Forms Partnership with Eyemaginations
29 Nov 2007 Optos Introduces optomap® fa Medical Procedure at the American Society of Retinal Specialists’ Annual Meeting
15 Nov 2007 Free Diabetes Eye Screenings Taking Place in Recognition of World Diabetes Day
25 Oct 2007 Optos to Showcase V2® Vantage Operating Software
11 Oct 2007 Optos Confirms European Expansion
26 Sep 2007 Optos to Participate in ASCO’s Clinic Director’s Special Interest Group Meeting
14 Aug 2007 Optos Awarded 2007 Queen’s Award for Enterprise
31 Jul 2007 Optos Supports Back to School Eye Exams
28 Jun 2007 Optos Launches V2® Vantage at Optometry’s Meeting™
13 Jun 2007 University of Virginia’s Health System Offers the optomap® Retinal Exam
17 May 2007 Optos Partner Offers optomap® Retinal Exam to Help Eliminate Visual Health Disparities
26 Apr 2007 Optos to Participate in ASCRS
11 Apr 2007 Schools of Optometry Utilize the optomap® Retinal Exam
05 Apr 2007 Optos to Expand Presence within Pearle Vision Network
21 Mar 2007 Optos to Participate in International Vision Expo East
09 Mar 2007 Optos Supports AOA’s Save Your Vision Month
20 Feb 2007 Optos to Participate in SECO International
07 Feb 2007 Optos Reaches 10 Million optomap® Retinal Exam Milestone
16 Jan 2007 United States Air Force Utilizes optomap® Retinal Exam
12 Jan 2007 Optos to Participate in Hawaiian Eye 2007
05 Dec 2006 Optos to Participate in American Academy of Optometry’s Annual Meeting
09 Nov 2006 Optos to Participate in American Academy of Ophthalmology
02 Nov 2006 Optos Supports National Diabetes Month
12 Oct 2006 Optos Announces Practice Development Grant Program and Alliance with Cleinman Performance Partners
04 Oct 2006 Optos to Participate in ASCO’s Clinical Director’s Special Interest Group
02 Oct 2006 Optos Joins InfantSEE™ Family Tree
11 Sep 2006 Optos to Participate in International Vision Expo West
26 Jul 2006 Optos and Vision Source Extend Partnership into Canada
18 Jul 2006 Optos Forms Primary Eye Care Advisory Council
19 Jun 2006 Optos to Host Educational Initiatives at Optometry’s Meeting™
05 Jun 2006 Optos Works with Volk Optical on Targeted Ophthalmoscopy Program
08 May 2006 Optos plc Announces Appointment of Non-Executive Director
20 Apr 2006 Acceptance rate of optomap® plus Medical Retinal Exam Grows
17 Mar 2006 Opticare Partners with Optos to provide optomap® Retinal Exam
10 Mar 2006 Optos to Present at Goldman Sachs European Med Tech and Healthcare Services Conference
15 Feb 2006 Optos Opens London Stock Exchange
07 Feb 2006 Optos Announces 2000 North American Customer
18 Oct 2005 Optos Launches Real Images Program
12 Oct 2005 Optos Hosts Key Educational Initiatives at the American Academy of Ophthalmology