Case & Clinical Data

These interesting patient case studies and clinical data illustrate the tremendous capabilities of our unique ultra-widefield retinal imaging technology platforms.

Featured case studies:

  • optomap image of 71 year old woman who presented with a retinal detachment and still quite good vision (20/25)

    Retinal detachment

    The image to the left is an optomap image of a 71 year old woman who was presented with a retinal detachment and still maintains good vision (20/25). As the macula seemed to be not detached, I chose to do buckling surgery associated with a gas injection and subretinal liquid drainage.

    Case courtesy of Carl Arndt - CHU de Reims, Reims, France

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  • Nerve Fiber Layer Defect Associated with Glaucoma

    Nerve fiber layer defect associated with glaucoma

    Patient was imaged on the P200C as is routine within the clinic, the presence of superior and inferior nerve fiber layer defect were visualized.

    Gdx, visual fields confirmed the presence of a nerve fiber layer thinning while the optic disc had no apparent cupping.

    Case courtesy of Sanjeev Nath, MD - Eye Institute and Laser Center, New York, NY

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Other case & clinical studies:

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Geographic Atrophy case study PDF document

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Clinical data:


The Clinical Utility of Ultra-Wide-Field Imaging – Witmer, Kiss link to

Nonmydriatic Ultrawide Field Retinal Imaging Compared with Dilated Standard 7-Field 35-mm Photography and Retinal Specialist Examination for Evaluation of Diabetic Retinopathy – Silva, Cavellerano, Sun, Noble, Aiello, Aiello link to

WFAF: A New Tool To Study Retinal Disease – Raiji, Sadda  link to


Advances in retinal imaging of eyes with hazy media: Further Studies – Chen, Friberg, Eller, Medina

Peripheral Autofluorescence Changes in Patients with Geographic Atrophy secondary to Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration – Wolf-Schnurrbusch, Korobelnik, Neiderhaeuser, Wolf

Peripheral Retinal Drusen as Potential Surrogate Marker for Alzheimers Dementia – Ritche, Befroei, Csutak, Ndhlovu, Wilson, Holborow, Gowd, Cheeseman, Corridan, Bird, Lengyel

Screening for retinal detachment using wide-field retinal imaging – Bonnay, Nguyen, Meuiner, Ducasse, Hamel, Arndt link to 

Ultra-Wide–Field Green-Light (532-nm) Autofluorescence Imaging in Chronic Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease – Heussen, Vasconcelos-Santos, Pappuru, Walsh, Rao, Sadda


Agreement between image grading of conventional (45) and ultra wide angle (200) digital images in the macula in the Reykjavik eye study. Csutak A,  Lengyel I, Jonasson F, Leung I, Geirsdottir A, Xing W, Peto T PDF document

Choroidal pigmented lesions imaged by ultra-wide-field scanning laser ophthalmoscopy with two laser wavelengths (Optomap). Kernt, M., Schaller, U., Stump PDF document

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Agreement between optomap and conventional digital imaging in the macula in the Reykjavik Eye Study. Csutak, Cairns, Lengyel, Jonasson, Geirsdottir, Xing & Peto PDF document

Comparison the Optos P200C and Topcon TRC-NW6S in the screening of diabetic retinopathy Pournaras J-A C, Erginay A, Gaudric A, Massin P PDF document

Comparison of the Optos P200C and Topcon TRC-NW6S in the screening of diabetic retinopathy. Erginay, Pournaras, Gaudric, Massin link to

Screening for diabetic retinopathy: A comparative trial of biomicroscopy, photography and scanning laser ophthalmoscopy Wilson, Ellis, Ellingford, Talbot, MacEwen, Leese link to